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We will talk about centralizing your app docker container and the data volume the container uses.

First, we will package the docker container's data volume into a tar file

docker run --rm --volumes-from data-container-backup --name tmp-backup -v $(pwd):/backup ubuntu tar cvf /backup/backup.tar /folderToBackup

then, we will create a new container and extract the tar inside it. Since it has the data volume inside it, we'll call it "Data Volume container"

docker run -d -v $(pwd):/backup --name data-backup ubuntu /bin/sh -c "cd / && tar xvf /backup/backup_data.tar"

Now we will create a new image from this "data volume container"

docker commit data-backup repo/data-backup:$VERSION

Push it to the cloud or AWS docker registry

docker push repo/data-backup:$VERSION

Go to the remote location/dev local host and grab the  data volume container image

docker run -v /folderToBackup --entrypoint "bin/sh" --name data-container repo/data-backup:${VERSION}
Run your container leveraging "volumes from" so it knows where to get the data (from data volume container)
Access the developers env and run this:

docker run -d -it -p8080:80/tcp -v $(pwd)/html:/var/www/html --volumes-from=damage-data-container

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