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trading bitcoin:

trading bitcoin:

trading bitcoin:
The craziest thing about crypto trading is the leveling out that has to happen on big price moves. Let's say dogecoin is trading at 56 satoshi. This means you get get 1 dogecoin for .00000056 bitcoin. now when bitcoin's fiat price shoots up, dogecoin's fiat price will remain the same for some time. this is the time where you can go into the exchange platforms and at 10:40pm on Nov 6, 2018, I got an alert that Bitcoin (btc) just jumped to 6600 dollars on Binance.
I was able to get on my cryptocurrency trading platforms and trade a bunch of coins (doge, ltc, trx) for btc from old offers still available at pre-bitcoin-price-jump value. so even if it results in me owning less of a bitcoin, at this point less is worth more than it was before. It's important to keep a BTC to USD ratio as your base-line ratio.

When the price goes back down, incrementally turn it back into another currency which had the greatest ratio, assuming that target currency is lower than usual or expected to increase

fact: as bitcoin increased in USD value, dogecoin ended up being less satoshis. dogecoin all the way down to 36% of a penny. Offers available were to buy dogecoin at 56 satoshis or sell dogecoin at 55 satoshis

Fact: Display number and size of sell orders vs number and size of buy orders

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