Do you need…

  • Web sites or online stores?
  • Development space?
  • Hosting for multiple websites?
  • Dedicated game servers?
  • Custom software?

Well, you’ve come to the right place…


At DediSource we are committed to providing top quality servers, web hosting, and other tech solutions. We still have some of our first customers who have rented 16 GB Ram servers from us since 3 years! We have a growing userbase hosting their secure websites or online stores with us. Our focus is not only providing VPS and Dedicated Servers, we also have a few team-based development environments active, as well as custom-made software running 24/7 for clients (Chat bots, web automations, etc). We are very proud to have seen our clients businesses flourish under our services.

View our Services pages to see why we are the advantageous choice.