Web Hosting Administration

Take your web development skills to the next level with Dedisource!

We provide the environment which enables you to create websites for multiple customers! We also provide immediate support, tools, and documentations so nothing gets in your way of starting your Web Hosting business or just providing websites to friends and family.

With this environment kit and our included documentation…
– host multiple websites for clients
– bypass the difficult system administration tasks.

You can think of it like Godaddy or HostGator on steroids.

What’s provided:
Fully Secure HTTPS SSL installations for your sites
Staging Environments
FTP access – get and push files to your working directories, simple to update your site
Git repository – save your code to a centralized repository for remote access or update your websites as a team
VNC access – View your environment in graphical detail!
SSH access – log into your environment and take advantage of programs like mv, cp, grep, scp, mkdir, vi, and more!
Documentation access
Support access

Can inquire about special environment utilities like Java, Python, PHP, and more!

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